Lead generation: staffing up to nurture cold leads to warm prospects

by Erika Cannon
[email protected]

New leads are cold: they don’t know you, don’t know what you do, and they certainly don’t know that they need you. Yet.

So how do you warm them up so that they will answer the phone, or set a time to meet you?

The warming process is called nurturing, defined by dictionary.com as: feed and protect.  In sales, feeding involves writing and sending interesting content to your prospects on a regular basis; protecting means doing it on a respectful basis, which means not too often as to be annoying.

Nurturing can be a complex operation involving several moving parts:

  1. A database of verified, tested and accurate emails
  2. Content writer, experienced in writing short, interesting pieces that address your prospects’ concerns
  3. Marketing Automation tool that will send emails and monitor electronic activity
  4. Dashboard to easily view activity
  5. CRM to manage communication and next steps

Staffing this operation internally can take as much as $50K/year, plus the time of two qualified employees.

Rally Prospecting will provide an outsourced, qualified and experienced team to nurture your leads for about $18K/year.

Depends on your staffing needs.



Nurtured with just a little water over time, a poinsettia can last long past the holiday season.
This poinsettia has been nurtured here at Rally since late November, and it’s still thriving!


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