Do business development activities always develop new business?

by Erika Cannon
[email protected]

It’s a legitimate concern: an investment in business development activities should generate new business, right?





Except when they don’t. Or do they?

Just as you aren’t ready to buy new products or services all of the time, your prospects may not be ready right now, either. There are probably other companies who do what you do, as well, (don’t kid yourself, there are, or your prospects would all be clamoring to do business with you now), so it’s important that you keep your brand and company in front of your prospects.


Kelly, like most of the Rally team, isn’t a fan of rice cakes. Think of selling your services like selling these cakes.
Not only do you have to find those who like them, but also who are in need of them now.
Choosing prospecting automation that can expand your market can help you do that.

Utilizing a prospecting automation partner to share short bits of information on a respectful basis will keep you in the mind of your prospects. Keep them short; remember, the attention span of the average person is now less than that of a goldfish, thanks to the barrage of information we are all hammered with every day.

Send two or three sentences that remind your prospects who you are and why they are important to you regularly, and see how that develops your business.


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