Dis-Qualify Your Prospects

We’ve recently undergone sales training with our friends at Sandler Sales Training. Sandler has a particular method, it’s expensive, and they’re not for everybody. If you’ve ever attended a Sandler seminar, you’ll recognize that phrase.

Part of what they espouse is the dis-qualifying – rather than qualifying – of leads. They encourage sales people to put more effort into listening and dis-qualifying than “showing up and throwing up,” which is what many sales calls are about.

It probably seems counter-intuitive to anyone who has ever sold anything. I mean, can’t a good salesperson sell his product to anybody?

Maybe. But does that make him a good salesperson?

We don’t want a company that can’t benefit from Prospecto to invest in it. More selfishly, we don’t want to fail for our clients. As we continue to listen to our prospects and gage the success of our clients, we can better determine if we’ll be successful for a particular company.

I encourage you to listen to your prospects first. Let them tell you that they need you. And, most of all, don’t throw up on them.

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