A Picture Worth 1000 Undelivered Emails

In this day and age, who doesn’t use pictures in their digital marketing? We’ve already seen how video outlets like YouTube and TikTok have exploded, so it probably seems sensible to include some kind of visuals in the emails you send your prospects. The only problem? Pictures can have the opposite effect and get you filed away as spam. Here’s why:

Email inboxes are restrictive

As a result of increased cybersecurity threats, email platforms may clamp down harder on unknown senders. And because the majority of the folks you’re prospecting probably haven’t heard of you, you’re at risk for being labeled as spam by default. General best practices for avoiding these filters include limiting the amount of text in your email’s message body, using one or two links at most, and abiding by CAN-SPAM regulations when it comes to sender names, subject lines, and physical addresses. Basically, do as little as possible to make your email look suspicious.

I mean, people do love to check their email. A lot. But cleaning out their spam folders? Not so much — unless they know their coworkers or current customers’ messages have a tendency to end up in there, too. Still, your chances of getting seen, read, and responded to are much better if you aim for the inbox every time.

When images ARE appropriate

Generally speaking, we don’t see images serve much of a purpose until your leads transition to your actual sales cycle. By that point, they’ve opted in to receive content and other information from you, which means they’ll expect pictures, videos, and other forms of graphic design.

This isn’t to say that pictures aren’t important. They definitely are. The right ones capture interest that plain text may not, and can complement your brand’s reputation, style, and services. Just save all that cool swag for when your leads have finally engaged with your business.

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