5 Ways Marketing Automation Helps to Determine the Quality of a Lead


Marketing automation does many amazing things, but one of the more useful features is the suite of tools available to set up accurate lead scoring. But how do you know if a lead is ready to buy? Here are 5 ways marketing automation will help you determine the quality of a lead, and if they are ready to move down the sales funnel.

It Enables you to Weed out Leads who aren’t Ready to Buy Yet

Checking in on your leads and nurturing them can be extremely time-consuming, especially when they are in various stages of the sales funnel. This leaves you no time to pursue new leads or to pay the proper amount of time to the leads who are ready to buy. Marketing automation bypasses this by allowing you to setup automated tasks that can notify you or a member of your sales team when a lead provides any information, indicating that they are interested, or ready to buy. This enables you to send an email to the lead in that instant, engaging them and weeding out the leads who aren’t ready to buy just yet.

You can Create Campaigns and Assign Leads to them Based off of Interactions   

Through marketing automation, you can assign leads to campaigns based on the interactions they have had with your company. Did they visit your site through a premium content offer? Perhaps they saw a blog on social media? For leads that come in through anonymous campaigns, such as a one-time webinar that you hosted, you can add an automated field asking “How did you hear about us?” to help identify leads that are coming from campaigns that are not digital. This tool will help you to measure the effectiveness of your offline campaigns by showing you how many leads they generate. If you discover that one of your campaigns is not working, then it gives you the opportunity to stop spending money on ineffective methods and go back to the drawing board.

Track their Behaviors

All of the interactions that your lead has with your site and content indicate which stage they are it in the sales funnel. If they visit the contact us page, or a pricing page, then they are a hot lead and are ready to buy. Marketing Automation is able to notify you when patterns like these occur so you can capitalize on it. On the other hand, you can also use marketing automation to note behaviors indicative of leads who are probably not ever going to buy. By setting up a lead score decay for page visits and other activities like this, you can ensure that lead scores adjust to reflect their true engagement levels.

Identify Lead Demographics

When trying to segment your database sending out various types of content is the best way to figure out what appeals to your leads. Once you identify your lead’s demographics, you can now send them content that aligns with these interests, increasing the open rate. Dynamic list segmentation is then set up, which will narrow your lead’s profile, and automatically segment contacts based off of the content types, delivery times, and images attract the most clicks.

Use Marketing Automation tools to know if a lead revisits your website

VisitorID is a tool available through marketing automation and tracks all of the visits made to your website daily. The reports make it possible to know who visits your site, and how engaged your leads are based off of which pages they frequently visit and how long they spend on each page. This opens the door for you to send them a re-activation email or give them a call, while your business is fresh in their mind.

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