Persistence or luck?

I used to tell prospects that our success is a combination of persistence and luck. I thought, as long as we are persistent about our craft, we will eventually get lucky.

“Better lucky than good any day,” my former VP used to say.

Then I attended a talk give by Susan Sher, Executive VP for corporate strategy at the University of Chicago Medical Center and former chief of staff to First Lady Michelle Obama. She said to take “luck” out of our vocabulary – that nothing is a result of luck if you are persistent in your work.

So I am changing my lexicon as I describe what Rally Prospecting does. We are persistent in our communications with prospects, presenting helpful and pertinent information that will lead them to engage with us, or to unsubscribe! Either way, it’s a productive process that weeds out companies who aren’t interested, and engages those who are.

Are you persistent in your sales methodology?


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