5 Digital Marketing Methods to Convert More Leads

There’s no question that digital marketing is one of the best tools for getting in front of more leads. But how well you can convert them will depend on the strategies you employ, and whether they help you stand out from your competition. Here are five methods we recommend.

Automate Emails

The same is true whether you’re prospecting or marketing to a current list of leads: email automation simplifies outreach to a wide audience, allowing you to spend your time focused on those who engage with it the most. Engaged contacts include those who have responded directly to your messages, as well as those who are consistently opening your emails, clicking on their links, and reviewing specific pages on your website. You can also email more people across a wider geography using list segmentation so that your messaging is targeted, relevant, and timely.

Be Empathetic

If you want your next marketing campaign to be more effective, The Wise Marketer has two words for you: be empathetic. This is because customers often rely on emotions “to make purchases, support brands, and invest in various businesses.” Empathy depends on a few factors:

How well you know your audience (buyer personas).

How inclusive you are to their range of needs (list segmentation).

Your user experience (navigating your website).

Authenticity (avoiding sales lingo in favor of conversational marketing).

Make It Easy to Contact You

Your best new leads and customers need an easy way to get in touch with you when they’re ready to buy.

For current customers, it’s a dependable point of contact like an account manager.

For leads, it’s accessible contact information that will get them the fastest responses to their questions. That contact may include a social media messenger service, a website chat feature, email, or a direct phone call, depending on which ones are convenient for your team to manage.

It also helps if you align your messaging with your sales team, so that everyone’s on the same page about what content your leads will have seen once they finally engage.

Share Content

How you share content can also influence how well others engage with your brand. For example, you may post a blog that’s partially gated, where the first half is available for anyone to read, and the remainder is only accessible to leads who submit their contact information. Then, you can use social media posts and email campaigns to reference that blog and funnel leads back to it.

You may also decide to gate only some of your content. For instance, your blog posts may be available to anyone, but you develop more in-depth content — ebooks, white papers, and case studies — that act as lead magnets and require contact information in exchange for free downloads.

Tell Stories

Some marketers have argued that it’s better to sell stories before you sell products. In other words, show your leads what those products (or services) will do for them. At first, you may feel like this kind of strategy is limiting — after all, how many solutions can you talk about before you start to repeat yourself?

You have more latitude than you think. Leads gravitate toward consistent outreach because it reinforces the same messaging and keeps you on their radar. All that matters is that you vary up how you convey those stories, and make sure that they stay relevant and authentic to your audience.

Ready to Implement These Methods?

If you have questions about how to implement any of these with your current digital marketing, we’d be happy to help. Click below to schedule a free consultation.

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